Social Distancing & Returning to School


It is vitally important to protect your children and the staff team that we take the necessary precautions to restrict social interaction between people in order to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Whilst we aim to remain open all of our pupils on a rota basis, it’s really important that we do all we can to maintain social distancing.

Below is some information about what we’re doing to protect the children and staff:

1.  We have risk assessed each class space to optimise pupil attendance whilst securing effective social distancing.

2.  We will be making some changes such as adjusting group snack or social times.

3.  We will not be providing resources such as playdough & sand to reduce to risk of cross contamination.

4.  All equipment used inside and outside is regularly disinfected.

5.  We are reviewing breaks, lunchtimes and end of day arrangements to reduce ‘collections’ of people.

6.  We are prepared for any instances of pupils or staff displaying Coronavirus symptoms to be isolated immediately in secure room in a designated space.

7.  There is availability of soap and hot water  and hand sanitizer in every toilet and classroom. All pupils are encouraged to regularly wash their hands following the Government advice. We have been explicitly teaching and supervising hygiene and hand washing protocols, individual resources can be found on our website in the Coronavirus section.

8.  When carrying out personal care for pupils, staff will wear face masks, gloves and aprons. (bed paper covers, soap, sanitizer gel and wipes are available to anyone using that area.)

9.  We continue to operate daily deep cleaning measures and have employed extra cleaners who are charged with multiple cleans throughout the day of all the communal areas and pin pads, door handles, gates etc.

10.  We have reduced any foot traffic into and through school by changing our morning and end of day drop off and pick up arrangements. All parents and passenger assistants are not allowed into the school unless there are exceptional circumstances. Staff working with pupils will escort pupils to their buses of the school gate pick up point to meet their parents or carers.

11.  We also provide PPE for staff including gloves, facemasks, sanitizing gel and wipes and soap. We will continue to review this in response to staff communicated requirements and government advice.
We anticipate that we are staying open with Social Distancing Attendance Rota for pupils who are fit and well.

If you have any queries related to our social distancing measure , please do not hesitate to contact the school.
You may also  find an answer to your question in the Frequently Asked Questions link below

Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some examples of how we are adjusting our classrooms and school areas to ensure we are socially distancing :

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