Extended School Clubs

We have a range of extended school clubs at Hedgewood School. For further information or to book a place for your child, please call the school office or email family@hedgewood.org


Breakfast club

Our Breakfast Club starts at 8am daily. We provide our pupils with a nutritious breakfast menu to start their school day, where children can choose from a selection of cereals, fruit, yogurt, and toast.

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Saturday Play Buddies Club

Play Buddies is a Saturday play scheme (10am – 1pm) developed to support and encourage children to learn and extend their social interaction skills. The sessions we provide include different types of play such as imaginative play, construction activities, messy play, sensory activities, turn-taking games and ‘Bucket Time’ which is an intensive attention building session based on Attention Autism by Gina Davies.


Holiday Club

Our Holiday Club is available during the Easter and Summer holidays for our pupils. Our club gives your child an opportunity to enjoy new and exciting experiences with our range of activities and day trips.


Respite Club

Being a full-time Carer for a child with special educational needs is a demanding role, and we believe that taking time out from your caring role is important for your health and wellbeing. Our Respite Club gives you a break your caring responsibilities while your child enjoys fun activities tailored to their individual needs by a specialist team of Hedgewood staff. This Club is by invitation only, following an assessment of need carried out by our Family Services Team or Social Services.


The extended schools and services provide families with a range of support outside of the normal school day, during weekends and the long holiday periods. This is managed by staff within the school and gives families a safe place to interact.

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