Hedgewood Outreach

Hedgewood currently provides high quality training and bespoke Outreach interventions for a range of professionals working with young autistic people.

We deliver a range of tiered course to develop effective autism practice in schools, Early Years Settings, and we are working with Local Authority bodies such as participation and attendance teams to help improve school experiences for young autistic pupils in mainstream schools.

Our training team offers bespoke packages for supporting individuals with autism in other placements and can include environmental adaptations, curriculums adaptations, developing knowledge of the SPELL approach and low arousal approaches to behaviour management.

We enjoy working collaboratively with mainstream colleagues to co-create effective solutions, meeting diverse emerging issues in their schools. Solutions are usually found through bespoke staff training and pupil-led strategies. Some of the opportunities are detailed in the Outreach document .

We are impressed by the superb SEND outcomes achieved by mainstream colleagues and believe that learning and developing together is the best way forward for us all.


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