Our Team

We have a highly skilled staff team of teachers, teaching assistants, family support workers, therapists, administrative staff, premises staff and governors. We regard parents as part of our team and we also work closely with our LA colleagues. Each member of our team is focused on delivering a curriculum and school experience that supports the safety, well-being and learning of each pupil.

We invest considerable time and resources in developing the skills and understanding of our team to support high quality learning outcomes. This development includes training and guidance from our therapy teams so that staff gain further insight into how to increase each pupil’s learning capacity. The impact is evident in an increased rate of progress for many pupils.

Our family worker support team identifies and supports pupils and families under pressure. They focus on growing family resilience to better meet pupils’ emotional and well-being needs. Our family workers collaborate with a range of partners and co-professionals to support the physical and mental health needs of a number of our families.

Our therapy team is also involved in this family support work. In addition to working directly with individual pupils, our therapists also run courses for parents and carers as well as training for staff.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Bryony Smith


Mrs Pearl Greenwald


Mrs Diane Owens

Deputy Head Teacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Miss Ladan Jama

Assistant Headteacher / Phase1 Leader

Miss Tara Shiki

Integration of Service Lead

Miss Victoria Leahy

Assistant Headteacher

Ayo Akinnola

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mental Health First Aider


Mr Dennis Liu

PRE-PHASE 1 Teacher

Ms Shenaz Thawer

PRE-PHASE 1 Teacher

Ms Virginia Garcia-Perez

PRE-PHASE 1 Teacher

Phase 1

Miss Idil Elmi

Phase 1 Leader

Mr Emmanuel Djima

Phase 1 Teacher

Miss Chloe Hill

Phase 1 Teacher

Ms Chloe Maitre

Phase 1 Teacher

Miss Francesca Garcia

Phase 1 Leader

Ms Kayla Di Marino

Phase 1 Teacher

Mrs Manpreet B Mansinho

Phase 1 Teacher

Mrs Makeda Lewis

Phase 2 Teacher

Phase 2

Mrs Shan Richards

Phase 2 Leader

Ms Asha Hashi

Phase 2 Teacher

Mr Cosme Monmeneu

Phase 2 Teacher

Ms Emy Vargas

Phase 2 Teacher

Ms Joanne Murray

Phase 2 Teacher

Miss Lauren Bowers

Phase 2 Teacher

Phase 3

Miss Rim Alnafei

Phase 2 Teacher & Phase 3 Leader

Miss Melissa Ford

Phase 3 Teacher

Miss Remneek Kaur

Phase 3 Teacher


Ms Charlotte Oakes

Occupational Therapist

Ms Humaria Aftab

Occupational Therapist

Ms Maria Elliot

Occupational Therapy

Ms Amee Gudka

Speech and Language Therapy

Ms Elif Saglam

Speech and Language Therapy

Mrs Michelle Morrisey

Speech & Language Therapy

Family Services

Ms Ayo Akinnola

Family Services Manager

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Ms Joanna Major

Senior Family Services Worker

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Positive Behaviour Support Team

Miss Elizabeth Leahy

Positive Behaviour Support Lead

Ms Muna Abdillahi

Deputy Positive Behaviour Support Lead

Administration and Premises

Mrs Jackie Owens

Office Manager

Mrs Anna Monk

Administration Assistant

Ms Claire Dani


Ms Bhavni Shah


Ms Hayley Carlo

Attendance Officer / Receptionist

Mr Andy Catt

Premises Manager

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