Our Ethos & Values

Our school ethos is ‘be nice, work hard, be happy’. We provide opportunities and support so that each pupil develops a good work ethic, inner confidence and the necessary interpersonal and social skills for adult life. We enable each pupil to make positive choices about their behaviour, both in and out of school, so they become successful members of the wider community.

Aims for the school:

  • To create a happy and secure learning environment rich in stimulation and challenge.
  • To ensure all members of the school community can grow in self-esteem and develop to their full potential.
  • To provide developmentally related experiences responding to pupils’ individual needs.
  • To provide pupils with an education appropriate to the world beyond the classroom.
  • To develop pupils’ communication and interaction skills enabling them to make positive relationships and decisions giving them more control over their lives.

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

We provide relevant and equitable learning opportunities for all pupils by matching the challenge of activity to the needs and ability of the pupil.

In summary we achieve this by:

  • Personalising the curriculum where pupils engage in activities relevant to their Personal Curriculum Plans (PCPs)
  • EHCP cycle and annual analysis of Strengths and Needs
  • Careful and flexible groupings e.g. ability, social or age related
  • Setting activities which are open ended and can have a variety of responses
  • Using a system of prompts and scaffolds that provide support and challenge
  • Targeted deployment of teachers, teaching assistants and specialist staff
  • Providing different resources including specialist AAC and mobility equipment
  • Working as a multi-disciplinary team with parents/carers and specialists to provide targeted interventions

Please see our SEND Policy statement for more information.

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