Outdoor Learning

At Hedgewood School we aim to routinely offer pupils adventurous, memorable and challenging experiences through outdoor learning.

Through outdoor learning we can foster deeper relationships with each other and the world around us. Outdoor learning is an integral part of our curriculum and timetabled weekly with the aim of taking the classroom outside, giving pupils direct experiences with the outdoors both on and offsite.

We use our grounds including garden areas and environmental areas including the poly-tunnel. We encourage pupils to learn, investigate, experiment, explore and co-operate in a safe environment. Pupils successfully face up to challenges, overcoming fears along the way. Outdoor Education helps to promote a positive attitude to learning and forms an important part of our school ethos

The benefits this brings include:

  • Developing personal growth and social awareness 

  • Developing skills for life and the world of work including a sense of responsibility and a purpose

  • Developing confidence and self esteem

  • Personal and social development including qualities such as care, tolerance, the ability to trust and the willingness to give and accept support

  • Develop effective interpersonal behaviour and work co-operatively and effectively in teams

  • Enjoyment and satisfaction

  • Learn the skills to develop worthwhile leisure pursuits which will enrich their future lives

  • Develop their physical and mental health and fitness

  • Develop understanding appreciation, awe, wonder and respect for the world around us.

Offsite we visit a range of places including Kingswood Residential Activity Centre, Reflections Sensory Centre, Taplow Park, Black Country Park and the Lookout Discovery Centre. Pupils have taken part in a wide range of activities such as quad biking, swimming, archery, and climbing. These visits encourage a positive “opting in” and “can do” attitude. Pupils horizons are broadened, new challenges come to be relished rather avoided, and perseverance and determination are reinforced. *

*These educational visits will resume when Covid-19 is no longer a risk to the health of our pupils &  staff and these venues are deemed safe to visit.


Outdoor Learning Curriculum

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