School Policies & Protocols


We are a single-storey school with no stairs and minimal steps. We have made many adaptations to our school building and grounds to facilitate access for all users. We are willing to make any further, necessary adaptations to give full access to premises and learning.

Our Accessibility Plan is available from the school office or can be emailed to you, on request.

Charging and Remission Policy

Our Charging and Remissions Policy is simple. We never exclude any pupil from any visit on the grounds of cost. This policy (in full) is available from the school office.

Our Values

We believe we are a school of principle. We believe in the rights of the individual, no matter what their capacities. We believe everyone can achieve. We believe in our young people and their families. We believe in the British values of mutual respect, tolerance of faith and belief, individual liberty and democracy. We believe our pupils, staff and governors model these values and this makes them the foundations of our community.


Our complaints protocol is available on request and any parent can contact Mr Goddard to discuss any concerns, no matter how small. We will always listen and endeavour to sort out problems as quickly as possible.

Parents may request paper copies of any of our policies, free of charge.

Planning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting Policy

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