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Hedgewood awarded Accreditation from National Autistic Society

We are very proud to announce that Hedgewood School has been awarded Advanced accreditation by the National Autistic Society. This award was made following an NAS review in July 2021.

A copy of the full NAS Report on the school can be found below.


A copy of the committee letter can be found here


Read the full NAS Hedgewood Report

Below are a few Quotes from the report:

The knowledge and understanding of staff at all levels throughout the school is exceptional they were able to speak eloquently about the pupils they support with a clear knowledge of their needs, impact on everyday as well as ways to support effectively.

There is a considered approach to the support which is provided for pupils which allows their teaching to their needs, strong development of skills through scaffolding before generalising their skills and learning.

The transition programme at Hedgewood is highly robust and considered, and is highly flexible this allows it to adapt to meet the needs of pupils who will struggle with the standard format for transition.

School were able to provide evidence of significant positive outcomes and progress both within the school and with pupils and their families. Progress was shown within the EfL in the Essential 8 skills with pupils not only able to carry out the skills in school but also in the home.

They have shown exceptional skill and patience at supporting pupils back into education through COVID period, using all the resources available to them both in terms of staff and the school environment. In some instances, this progress is made over short period of time. Case studies show that pupils have achieved positive outcomes in other curriculum pathways in emotional regulation, relationships with others and communication.

The extended schools and services provide families with a range of support outside of the normal school day, during weekends and the long holiday periods. This is managed by staff within the school and gives families a safe place to interact.

Hedgewood have excellent links with a range of other autism specific services and charities within the Hillingdon area. They have been integral in driving understanding and the provision available for Hedgewood pupils by the Local Authority and other support services.


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