Our School Day

Monday to Thursday8.45am – 3.00pm
Friday8.45am – 2.30pm*


The school gate opens at 8:30 am and closes at 8:45 am every morning. The school gates will open for home time at 3pm and close at 3.15 pm (Monday to Thursday). On a Friday, the school gates will open at 2.30pm and close at 2.45pm.

*Pupils finish slightly earlier on a Friday so that staff can access continued professional development opportunities to extend and deepen their understanding in respect of autism, learning and Safeguarding.

We want all pupils to maximise their learning throughout the day and encourage all families to ensure their child/children arrive on time before the gates close at 8.45am.

Late arrivals will need to sign in via our inventory console located in reception and will have to wait to be taken to class.
We are very keen on good and timely attendance because of the negative impact on learning over time. The table below really puts persistent lateness into perspective.

Minutes late
per day during
the school year
Teaching days
lost over a year
5 minsOver 3 days
10 minsNearly 7 days
15 minsOver 10 days
20 minsNearly two weeks
30 minsNearly three weeks


Health & Safety

We take pupil security very seriously. School gates are closed at 8.45 am and our children are supervised at all times

Supporting Medical needs

Individual Healthcare Plans for children can be arranged as required and we liaise closely with parents and carers regarding any allergies, illness and prescribed medicines from the doctor.

To support pupils and parents, we are able to administer prescribed medication that is ‘in date’, in the original container which is clearly marked with the dosage. We do require clarification about how the medication is to be administered, in addition to written permission, so please contact the school first. We prefer all such medication to be delivered by parents or passed to us via the school transport passenger assistants.

Hedgewood is experienced in supporting children with a range of medical issues, including: anaphylaxis, diabetes, epilepsy and asthma, as well as the care of children who require tube-feeding or support with oxygen.

It is essential that we are kept updated on any allergies that your child may have.

We have regular visits from an allocated School Nurse, who is based at Wood End Park Clinic, telephone number 01895 488050. If you have anything you might want her to consider, please contact the school.

Personal Care

If your child needs an Intimate Care Plan (ICP) for regular changing, please provide a stock of wet wipes and pull-ups or nappies for your child. Please contact our Family Services Team if your child would benefit from an incontinence assessment for the provision of free nappies.

Holidays and Absence

Parents are asked not to take holidays during term time. The school will only grant a pupil a leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.

Holidays will only be authorised if there are exceptional family circumstances and at the discretion of the Co-Headteachers. In order to have requests for a leave of absence considered, the school will expect parents to contact the Co-Headteachers in writing ideally at least two weeks prior to the proposed start date of the leave of absence.

In the instance of a family emergency, which may result in a pupil’s absence, please let School know as soon as possible.

If your child is unwell and is unable to attend school, please contact the school office via telephone, report their absence on ParentMail or Seesaw ‘Attendance Officer’ directly, by 9am on each day of absence.

A copy of our school Attendance Policy is available here or a copy can be requested from the school office.



It is essential for you to know how your child is progressing throughout the school year, so we send the following reports to provide regular updates on your child’s learning.

Annual Reviews (ARs)

The family of each child has an Annual Review meeting during the course of the academic year. You will receive a report at least two weeks in advance of the Annual Review meeting, which will include embedded progress data.

Personal Curriculum Plans (PCPs)

Personal Learning Plans are set three times a year and reviewed each term, so that you can see the targets set for your child according to their curriculum pathway.

You will also receive two ‘reviewed’ PLPs during the year, to show you how your child is progressing against specific targets.

These targets are tailored to your child’s individual needs. You can help shape your child’s PLP through discussion with your child’s teacher and therapists.

Importantly, your child’s progress against PLP targets will be shared on the SeeSaw learning journey. If you require support to access the learning journey, please contact your class teacher.

Our Ethos & Values

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