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Covid-19 Status Alert November 2021

Unfortunately, we have had an increase in COVID-19 cases which means we have been moved to an AMBER ALERT status for COVID-19 measures.

Accordingly, we would ask that all families remain vigilant and responsive to any of the following symptoms of COVID-19:

  • A new and continuous cough
  • A temperature of 37.9C and above
  • A loss or change in taste or smell

Whilst we understand that it can be difficult for our pupils to complete PCR testing the legal guidance when anyone displays symptoms is to:

  • book a PCR test for your child


  • then isolate whilst waiting for the PCR results.

If the result is negative the child can return to school. If the result is positive, your child will need to isolate following the guidance through the NHS Test and Trace Service. If you cannot complete a PCR test on your child, they would need to isolate for the 10-day period. If the result in inconclusive and a second test or isolation is advised this would need to be followed for the child who has been tested.

We will be following measures as advised by our Local Coronavirus Response Cell [ LCRC]:

  • Maintaining social distancing of 1 metre plus in all areas including class, as closely as possible.
  • All staff to continue wearing face coverings in all communal areas, especially when moving around the school. [This may be increased to all staff wearing face coverings within the classroom if we see a continued rise in positive cases].
  • Not entering other class bubbles.
  • Continual hand cleaning and high levels of good hygiene.
  • Ensuring good ventilation in all rooms.
  • All staff training/meetings to be maintained virtually in class bubbles.
  • Twice weekly testing for all staff using LFD testing. Daily LFD testing for all staff with contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Other mitigation measures which will be in place in the school are as follows:

  • No educational visits or trips
  • Enhanced cleaning focusing on touch points and shared equipment
  • Promoting uptake of the vaccination and booster vaccination for all eligible staff
  • Strong messaging across the school of COVID-19 symptoms and testing for all staff and families.

As always, I would like to thank you for your ongoing support and I will keep you informed of any further advice from the LCRC.

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