Covid Update March 2021

We continue to be amazed and thankful of the continued support from staff, pupils and families during Covid 19 times. Whilst we are trying to maintain meaningful routines for pupils, it is essential that we are all consistently proactive in following our Covid safety measures.

We are working together to provide a safe Covid environment and view this as a whole school responsibility to ensure we are all keeping everyone safe.

HANDS FACE SPACE is still the most important and effective protocol for us all.

ALL staff must wear a face covering mask and disposable gloves in the morning drop off and the end of day collection from/to parents and transport and when not in their class bubble. Staff and pupils where possible will maintain social distance between each other.

We optimise our social distancing measures for pupils in transit to and from breaks, by clear staff modelling and expectations.

School will:

·         Ventilate classrooms and social areas by leaving windows open all day.

·         Ensure that we maintain adult social distancing as best we are able throughout set up and structures across the school day.

·         Model this for our pupils, no visiting other classes, resources to be wiped after use.

·         Pupil belongings in classroom in own box under workstation (including lunch boxes etc please) along with their personal stationary wallet and personal cutlery.

·         Staff will access their classroom via the outside (where possible) the use of Inventory for signing in and out is suspended where possible.

·         If staff leave the school premises throughout the day – exit and enter via outside doors, not through the school.

·         All unnecessary foot traffic through the hall must now cease.

·         Staff will utilise 2 separate areas for staff breaks and remain socially distanced.  Breaks will be staggered to ensure maximum of 6 people in each ventilated room. Staff will wear mask when not eating or drinking. -maintain distance and wipe down area where they are seated when they leave. As in all communal areas, please wipe down sink and toilet facilities as they are used and worktables are wiped down when staff leave.

Car sharing is one of the most vulnerable environments to be in and is not advised by Public Health England. If you have no alternative but to car share please wear masks at all times, sit in the back seat and keep the windows of the car open throughout the journey. We would advise that passengers wear disposable gloves

Car sharing (
If you are car sharing then you must not share the car with someone from outside your household or your support bubble unless your journey is undertaken for a legally permitted reason. For example, if car sharing is reasonably necessary as part of your work.
It is difficult to socially distance during car journeys. Where it is essential to car share, you can reduce the risk of transmission by:
*opening windows for ventilation
*considering seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle
*cleaning your car between journeys using standard cleaning products – make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch
*the driver and passengers to wear a face covering and we would recommend disposable gloves for passengers


Key points

1) Soap and hot water and hand sanitizer are in in every toilet and classroom. All pupils and staff are encouraged to regularly wash their hands following the Government advice. We are aiming for a minimum of six good hand washes per pupil per day. All staff need to supervise hygiene and hand washing protocols for pupils.

Pupils have been very responsive to this so we reinforce again for all pupils and staff when entering the classroom.

2) All outside equipment will be regularly disinfected by the premises team (minimum four times per day). We will be using a cleaner to focus on communal spaces throughout the day. All classes also have access to sanitizing wipes and spray and regularly wipe down surfaces within the classroom.

3We will not provide shared resources such as playdough & sand to reduce the risk of cross contamination

4) When carrying out personal care for pupils, staff must wear disposable face masks, wipeable visors, gloves and aprons.

5) Reduce foot traffic in the hallways. One adult from each class collect fruit via the outside from the fruit box located on the ‘stage’ by the front gate, it will be available between 9-10am and will socially distance from any other staff member there and wear your face mask. All registers are now electronic.  Children going to the toilet must be accompanied by an adult and do not queue if possible outside toilets. ( one child per toilet area)

6) Breaks are staggered to protect Class Bubbles. Staff (and pupils) will wipe down trikes/equipment after use. Premises staff are also sanitising play equipment.

Frequently accessed gates have been changed to fob access to facilitate safer movement of staff and pupils.

Trim Track Risk Assessments have been completed by class users and after use wipe down protocol applies.

7) End of Day – 2.15/2.30 for parent collection and 2.45/3pm for children going home on buses.


All Staff escorting pupils to parents

Please avoid unnecessary conversations at the gate as these are tricky times for everyone and social distancing is a very important community responsibility. Please communicate any essential information utilising the excellent seesaw app or by telephone and we will redirect parents to do the same.

If urgent essential information needs to be shared, kindly direct the enquiry to SLT on duty where they will be able to support parents promptly.

7) Daily deep cleaning measures are in process daily with multiple cleans of all the communal areas, pin pads, door handles, gates etc.

8) In any instances of pupils or staff displaying Coronavirus symptoms they will be isolated immediately in the training centre- the small room off the main space accessed via the side corridor entrance. Accompanying staff will wear the appropriate disposable PPE. The room will be immediately sanitised by the Premises Team following the pupil’s collection via the TC side gate giving separate access to the road.

9) All initial contact with SLT to be via telephone please. A socially distanced meeting will be arranged to support you.

PPE is available for staff including gloves, facemasks, sanitising gel, wipes and soap.

Your mitigation improvement suggestions are always very welcome.

Thank you All and Let’s Keep On Keeping Everyone Safe

John Goddard

March 3rd 2021


Recent mitigation upgrades:

1.    Every tap changed to lever operation as this reduces contact areas

2.    10 Covid Catcher devices installed in slightly busier areas eg school office, staff rooms & reception

a)    Going forward we are extending staff toilet facility to reduce congestion and queueing

b)    Further installation of Covid Catcher devices in classrooms.



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