Social Distancing & Health and Safety Measures


Social Distancing & Health and Safety Measures

We continue to take all necessary precautions to restrict social interaction between people to reduce opportunities for transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19). Whilst we aim to remain open to all of our pupils, it is crucially important that we do all we can to maintain social distance between individuals. This is in addition to prompting everyone about the importance of personal hygiene, particularly frequent hand washing.


Below is a summary of what we are all involved in doing to protect children, staff and families:

·         We have risk assessed and subsequently adjusted each class space to optimise pupil attendance, whilst securing effective social distancing. A recent governor site inspection deemed our social distancing measures were effective. We will be ‘sticking at 2 metres’ for the time being.

·         We are operating ‘class bubbles’ for work, playtimes and lunchtimes. Each class has a designated area of the playground at a specific time.

·         Pupils’ temperatures are tested daily at registration time using class digital thermometers and, of course, if they are feeling unwell.

·         We are operating a ‘Sole Occupancy’ policy in pupils’ use of toilets.

·         Pupil are supervised when handwashing – There is availability of soap and hot water in every toilet and classroom, as well as hand sanitiser. All pupils are directed to wash their hands on every entry/re-entry to the classroom, as set out in Government advice. We have been explicitly teaching and supervising hygiene and hand washing protocols. Resources that support this learning can be found on our website in the coronavirus section.

·         When carrying out personal care for pupils, staff wear PPE which includes: face masks, gloves and aprons. (Bed paper covers, soap, sanitizer gel and wipes are available to everyone who uses the personal care areas.)

·         We continue to operate daily deep cleaning measures, in addition to multiple cleans throughout the day of all the communal areas and pin pads, door handles, gates etc.

·         Staff are also supporting cleaning protocols by the frequent wiping down of classroom tables, surfaces, door handles and keypads with antibacterial wipes, in all areas of the school.

·         We have staggered breaks and lunchtimes for pupils and staff, thereby  dramatically reducing the number of staff and pupils in communal areas.

·         There are hand sanitiser points in all play areas and at the pickup and drop-off points at the front gate.

·         Playground equipment is being cleaned after every use with antibacterial wipes or spray.

·         We have reduced foot traffic into and through the school by changing our morning and end-of-day drop-off and pick-up arrangements. All parents and passenger assistants are not allowed into the school unless there are exceptional circumstances. Staff will escort pupils directly to their transport (PAs remain on the transport) or to the school gate pick-up point to meet parents or carers.

·         We provide PPE for all staff. This includes gloves, facemasks, sanitizing gel and wipes and soap. We will continue to review this in response to staff’s views about requirements and in the light of government advice.


Hedgewood staff will also be:

·         informing the school if they or any of their household develop any symptoms.

·         adhering to strict hand washing and cleaning policies as set out in our COVID-19 risk assessment.

·         following Government advice regarding social distancing and travel, when not at work.


Below is our protocol if a pupil or any member of staff displays any COVID-19 symptoms:

If a pupil starts displaying symptoms of COVID-19 (including a temperature over 37.8 or a new dry, persistent cough) they will be made comfortable, away from the rest class bubble, in a designated self-isolation room. The focus will be on reassurance as we know this is potentially stressful.

The staff member looking after the pupil must wear PPE (gloves, apron and face shield or mask). The parent or carer will be called to collect immediately.  The parents or carers must arrange a test for their child and the results must be shared with the school via email or Seesaw before their child can return to school. If the test is negative, the child can return to the setting. If the test is positive, the whole class bubble, pupils and staff, will have a fourteen-day home isolation period.

If a staff member develops COVID-19 symptoms, they are required to attend a local test centre. A negative result is a green light to return to work, whereas a positive test means a seven-day isolation period for that staff member, and a fourteen-day home isolation period for pupils and staff in that class bubble.

The leadership team wish to thank all parents, carers, governors and (especially) our amazing pupils for the continued support of all the COVID 19 mitigation measures. We also recognise the additional efforts of  SEND transport for the extra buses.

If parents and carers have any queries related to our social distancing measure , please do not hesitate to contact the school. You may also find answers to questions in the Frequently Asked Questions link below

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