Pupil Progress

 Progress of pupils from end of Key Stage 1 to end of Key Stage 2 2016

At Hedgewood School assessment is at the heart of our teaching and learning. Through ongoing teacher assessment we are able to adapt and shape teaching to the individual needs of our young people, ensuring pupils are given opportunity to consolidate learning and be provided with appropriate challenge for next steps in their social, emotional and educational journey.

We track pupil progress very rigorously using our BSquared assessment system and monitor progress and achievement from each individual pupil’s starting point at Hedgewood through to attainment at the end of Year 6.

We are able to evaluate our pupil performance using guidance from DfE Progression Document 2010-2011. Data is available to track rates of progress from the end of Key Stage One to the end of Key Stage Two for pupils with special educational needs in both special and mainstream schools nationally. This provides us with a national average with which to compare our results.

The following information details in table and graph form the results for the year ending July 2016, showing the percentage of pupils who have made 2 or more levels of progress from their relevant Pscale or National Curriculum level starting point at the end of Key Stage One, in reading, writing and english and maths overall.

We are extremely proud of the success of our young people, who are in many instances exceeding national averages.

Please Note: We can also provide further information on pupil progress if required. Please contact the school at office@hedgewood.org