Our Curriculum

At Hedgewood we recognise that each young person has unique needs and approaches to their learning. We believe in planning for each child as an individual and ensuring our teaching enables each pupil to achieve their very best (for more information see Hedgewood’s Teaching and Learning Policy).

We aim to provide a curriculum that is broad, balanced and appropriate to the needs of each pupil. It is designed with the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of all our pupils. We focus on the individual learning needs of each pupil so that they can reach their full potential. Our aim is for every pupil to be a successful learner and a confident, and responsible citizen, by promoting their spiritual, creative, intellectual, personal, social and physical development.

Although the curriculum and teaching styles vary to meet the individual needs of each learner, the following principles set out below, shape learning across the school:
  • The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all pupils
  • The curriculum is personalised for each pupil in order to develop effective core skills
  • All staff and therapists have high expectations of pupils’ abilities
  • Emphasis is placed on each pupil’s unique needs, preferences and abilities
  • Learning takes place in a high quality, safe, and secure learning environment where all pupils reach their full potential
  • A rich, relevant and varied curriculum is matched to each pupil’s stage of development and life experiences.
  • Pupils are encouraged to develop their awareness of their personal goals and aspirations
  • Technology is used to support learning across the curriculum.

Teachers plan personalised programmes for each pupil. Individual Learning Plans cover English, Maths and PSHE curricula and promote communication, social skills, independence and learning skills.

The broader curriculum at Hedgewood is delivered through a themed approach where leveled learning experiences and creative activities are planned to meet the personal and developmental needs. This themed approach is delivered across the school to ensure rich, experiential learning opportunities that maximise the development of pupils’ skills, knowledge and understanding, and support the generalisation of learning. Flexibility in our curriculum enables teachers to use professional judgement to ensure teaching is personalised and relevant to each pupil. In short, all pupils have access to a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that meets each pupil’s individual learning needs.

We believe there are 4 essential aspects of learning necessary to prepare our pupils for Life.

These are a part of everything we do at Hedgewood

These aspects of learning are:

  • Learning skills, knowledge and understanding (academic)
  • Communication and behaviour
  • Social skills
  • Independence


Our curriculum is further split into 6 areas of learning:

  • Language and Communication (expressive and practical language)
  • English
  • Maths
  • Science and Technology (Design and Technology and Computing)
  • Arts and creativity (Art and Design, Music and Drama)
  • Place and time, and people and culture (History, Geography, Religious Education)
  • Physical development and health (PE and PSHE including well-being)

These strands form the backbone of our curriculum. These are woven into, and enriched through, our themed topics. Please click below for information on topics within our curriculum:

The Early Years Foundation Stage

The planning in EYFS is split into seven areas in line with national guidance. These areas are Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Alongside the EYFS planning we incorporate small step learning activities which are personalised to meet the needs of each child (these are drawn from the medium-term, personalised planning across the curriculum).

Curriculum Enrichment

We recognise the importance of creative development for all of our pupils. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves through weekly drama activities and through themed curriculum days, which take place throughout the year. Physical development is promoted through specialist teaching where occupational and physiotherapy targets are embedded into the planning of the PE curriculum. Pupils also participate in our whole school Sports Day and sports-themed events. Older pupils engage in activities such as swimming, cricket and gymnastics throughout the year at an offsite community leisure facility. In our support and development of independent life skills, and where appropriate, older pupils will undertake independent travel training.

Pupils engage in a range of lunchtime and after-school clubs including: dance, cooking, sports, computing, drama and cheerleading. Pupils participate regularly in inter-school dance and drama performances.

Extended clubs/Homework

Our extended school provision comprises of three strands:

If any parent wishes to learn more about the curriculum then please contact Mr Goddard in the first instance.