Family Support Team

Our role is to help provide a link between the School and home and to offer support and guidance to you, whilst your child is at our School. We aim to do this by:

  • Facilitating communication between the School and yourselves
  • Organising support groups and drop-ins, to offer advice and a chance for you to talk informally with other parents / carers
  • Offering one to one support and advice in a non-judgemental environment
  • Arranging a home visit where necessary
  • Arranging guest speakers at School, to advise on a range of topics
  • Providing clear guidance on Special Educational Needs and offering support with your child’s autism
  • Helping you to understand and access information from external agencies, that can offer support to your child
  • Providing practical help and emotional support to you and your child, throughout times of crisis
  • Providing support to you and your child, during times of change at School
If we can be of any help or you would like to speak to us about any matter, you can let your child’s class teacher know or can us directly on:

Phone:     0208 845 6756
Email: /