Our School Values

We recognise that each individual is unique and has their own specific needs, abilities and interests. Every pupil requires a thoughtfully tailored range of approaches to learn successfully. We ensure careful planning is in place to meet each pupil’s needs so that teaching secures rapid progress and the best outcomes for each individual.

(for more information see our school’s Self Evaluation Form (SEF) & School Development Plan (SDP).

  • Our school is a collaborative learning community. We harness the skills, resources and creativity of everyone. Our school is a place where everyone feels they belong and are able to make a contribution.
  • Many of our pupils have experienced difficulties and traumas in their lives. As a staff team we provide the opportunities to build a successful and happy life.
  • We encourage pupils to reflect on their actions, and give them the social and emotional support needed to make changes.
  • We work in partnership with parents and carers, professional colleagues and pupils so that every pupil can achieve the best that they can. Together we are all better.
  • Teaching and learning is at the heart of all we do. We ensure all teaching is carefully planned and well organised so that lessons are engaging and enjoyable. This produces happy and confident learners.
  • Our pupils are provided with opportunities and support so that they develop a good work ethic, inner confidence together with interpersonal and social skills. We enable our pupils to make positive choices about their behaviour, both in and out of school, so that they become successful members of the wider community.
The diversity of views, experiences, ideas and skills among pupils, staff, parents  and  carers is a strength to be celebrated. We promote respect for self and others in all that we do.
  • We will always challenge views and actions that indicate a lack of respect.
  • Our school community is highly vigilant about keeping our pupils safe. Importantly, we develop our pupils’ understanding and awareness of how to keep themselves safe.

These values are our interpretation of British Values and will form a core part of our teaching:

British Values

Hedgewood Version

Democracy Everyone has a voice – you are valued
Rule of Law Follow the rules
Tolerance of cultures and religions Try to understand others
Mutual respect Show respect for all
Liberty Freedom to access opportunities
Understanding Autism, anxiety etc * Accepting difference
Safety* Feeling and Keeping safe

*not specified as a British value by the DfE but added by Hedgewood as it is considered to be particularly important in our context.

As pupils move through school, and when it is appropriate, pupils move to using the wording used within modern British values.

These values form the themes of assemblies for all age groups and are also a key focus in our teaching to develop social understanding.

School Development Plan and Self Evaluation Form (SEF)

The School Development Plan is drawn up to detail our work to improve school provision and deliver our aims. The format of the plan enables leaders to address key areas for development. This makes reporting to both Governors and Ofsted simpler. The School Development Plan is reviewed and evaluated at every governing body meeting to ensure school leaders are held to account and to secure continuous improvement.

All actions identified in the School Development Plan are considered to be of equal importance and we intend to work to achieve all of them during the academic year 2016 – 2017.

Download School development Plan    Download School Self Evaluation Form