Our School

Hedgewood School is a primary special school currently maintained by the London Borough of Hillingdon. Our school caters for primary age pupils most of whom have Autism. We currently have 148 pupils on roll. All of our pupils either have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or a Statement of Special Educational Needs.
We aim to provide opportunities and support so that our pupils develop a good work ethic, inner confidence together with interpersonal and social skills. We enable our pupils to make positive choices about their behaviour, both in and out of school, so that they become successful members of the wider community.
We believe that the quality of education for all children can be defined through developing a culture of inclusion and acceptance, in which all members of the school community are valued as individuals, treated with respect and provided with equal opportunities. This is achieved by further developing our inclusive school culture, ensuring all our policies are inclusive that all school practice reflects our inclusive values.  Pupils, parents and carers, and staff work with specialist support agencies and services to remove barriers that restrict full access to education, for all members of our school community.    Please see our SEND Policy for more information.
As a school, we are committed to:
  • providing an excellent educational environment together with high standards of teaching and learning
helping our pupils to stay safe and feel safe
treating our pupils with respect and dignity
  • listening to what our pupils have to say
providing our pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum appropriate to their needs and abilities (this includes extended learning opportunities in clubs)
  • telling our pupils what they are good at to build their confidence, self-esteem and resilience
allowing and supporting our pupils to make choices and decisions for themselves
encouraging our pupils to be as independent as possible
  • informing parents and carers of their child’s progress through excellent communication systems (communication about pupils’ Individual Learning Plans, within the Annual Review process and through parent consultations)
  • keeping parents and carers informed about what their child has achieved during the school day through the home/school link book and/or through phone calls and emails
At Hedgewood School we enable all our pupils to become independent learners so that they can:
  • create and develop relationships
  • develop independent living skills
  • develop a range of interests
  • contribute positively to the community
  • communicate their thoughts and needs independently